Mount Vernon Board Of Ed Adopts $227.5M Schools Budget

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Mount Vernon taxpayers will have the opportunity to vote on the schools budget on May 20.
Mount Vernon taxpayers will have the opportunity to vote on the schools budget on May 20. Photo Credit: File

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. – The Mount Vernon Board of Education has adopted a $227.5 million schools budget, representing a property tax levy increase of .5 percent for homeowners.


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The adopted spending plan represents a 1.22 percent budget-to-budget increase over last year’s $224.7 million plan, which required emergency affidavit votes to pass. The budget is well below the state mandated .76 percent cap on the tax levy increase.

The budget accounts for the district’s planned transition to a “K-8” model and includes a “text-to-tablets roll-out” that marks the beginning of a new technology initiative. There will be continued Common Core implementation in English and math and early literacy programs will remain unchanged.

If the budget passes at the public vote on Tuesday, May 20, the district will restore its gifted and talented programs and secondary literacy programs for students in need of advanced help to meet the state standards. Parent Portal, a web-based tool for parents to view student grades and attendance has been included in the budget.

Due to decreased enrollment, as well as escalating mandates and employee benefit costs, the district will be forced to eliminate 15 teaching positions to avoid cutting any core programs, though that number may be reduced when the district offers retirement incentives to veteran teachers.

The district, like countless others around the county, continues to be plagued by escalating unfunded mandates. From last year’s budget to this year, retirement and employee benefit costs increased by more than $3 million for the district.

The public will have a chance to react to the budget at a community budget workshop at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 3 and at a districtwide budget hearing at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 7, at the Mount Vernon Board of Education on North Columbus Avenue.

You can see the complete adopted budget here. Would you approve the budget, as proposed? Vote in our poll and continue the conversation in the comments section below.

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Comments (2)

These tax increases need to END!!
We pay outrageous taxes for a failing school system. Since I'm a homeowner I can't pickup and move to another town where the taxes are lower and the school system is better, like most parents of children in my eldest child 6th grade class did that rented in Mount Vernon.
Mount Vernon could be an amazing city but the leadership and high taxes are destroying this city, businesses are closing, homes are cheap but nobody is buying them because of the high taxes, and what family in their right mind would want to buy a home in a dangerous city with a failing school system?
I'm paying over 18K in taxes and have to send my children to private school, it's RIDICULOUS!!
I have relatives all over Westchester with bigger homes, more land, AMAZING schools and much lower taxes.
City tax went up this year which increased my taxes by 1500.00 now the library tax and f tge school tax passers my taxes will be over 20K which means in 5 years at this rate I will have paid 10OK.
My employer just lad off over 5K people to cut operating costs of 100 million like, amount Vernon needs to do the same or figure out a way if making money instead if stealing it from homeowners.
Why do we need the 8th largest library in NY State and the largest library in Westchester? With the failing school system it's obvious tge library is not helping.
I need to MOVE!!!

Allow me to provide the correct date for the "community budget workshop" - it's May 3 (Saturday).
Now about the budget. I will be voting NO, as I do on ALL budgets. Any increase, even a perceived minimal increase that is supposed to be under the state-mandated tax cap, is unjustifiable. MY budget NEVER increases, and the "powers that be" always tell me to live within my means, "to do more with less". I suggest the MV Schools do the same.
Several years ago, the MV School Board was negligent (I call it criminal negligence) when they allowed the previous Superintendent, Welton Sawyer, to destroy the schools. Rather than fire him, they rewarded him with more than a million dollars of the taxpayers' money. With more than 50% of the students failing, the MV schools need a major reworking. Throwing more money at a failed school system is NOT the way to fix it.