Mount Vernon Appoints Final Board Of Education Trustee

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Mount Vernon's newest Board of Education Trustee Darcy Miller
Mount Vernon's newest Board of Education Trustee Darcy Miller Photo Credit: Contributed

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. – Fresh on the heels of announcing Leonard Sarver as the new Mount Vernon School Board President, the board continues its overhaul with a new trustee.


What Is The Biggest Challenge The School Board Faces?

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What Is The Biggest Challenge The School Board Faces?

  • Finding a proper permanent superintendent candidate.

  • Increasing communication between the district and city.

  • The "K-8" Restructuring Plan.

  • Adjusting to the Common Core Learning Standards.

  • Crafting a budget that reduces the strain on taxpayers.

  • Earning the trust of a weary public.

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Darthea “Darcy” Miller, a longtime Mount Vernon resident, was formally appointed as a new trustee earlier this month, inheriting the seat of former President Gerald Whiteside, who unexpectedly resigned for personal and professional reasons in February.

The Mount Vernon Board of Education is now operating at full strength, with all nine members.

Miller is one of the founding members of the Mount Vernon Star Scholars Program, which mentors students in need in an attempt to help them attain a college education. Miller’s program assists with several things that typically plague high school students, such as standardized test preparation, picking out a suitable university, and securing financial aid.

Before she became a student advocate, Miller spent more than 30 years in the communications field, specializing in sales, marketing and management.

Miller’s appointment comes at a pivotal time, as Mount Vernon continues searching for interim Superintendent Judith Johnson’s permanent replacement.

The field of potential candidates was recently narrowed to four distinguished educators - Kenneth R. Hamilton, Robert-Wayne Harris, David C. McCalla and Richard D. Tomko – who each met with the board and community during a lengthy public meet-and-greet last month where they made their case on behalf of themselves.

It will be a year of upheaval at the Mount Vernon School District, as it adjusts to a new superintendent, Board president and begin transitioning to a “K-8” model. At the same time, teachers and students alike are still familiarizing themselves with the new state Common Core Learning Standards. The budget also remains a looming obstacle, after the second vote only passed by 20 affidavit votes.

What do you think about the newest Mount Vernon School Board Trustee? Let us know in the comments section below, and see our poll to vote on what you think the district needs to concentrate on moving forward. 

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Comments (5)

I can only hope that Ms. Darcy miller will pay heed to the following quote:

"If power corrupts, WEAKNESS IN THE SEAT OF POWER, with its constant necessity of deals and bribes and compromising arrangements, corrupts even more."

As long as Mayor Davis controls the schools, the corruption will continue and Ms. Miller will become corrupted along with the rest of the Board trustees.

Interesting appointment. It is said that Miller was rejected by the club that runs MV as too independent. They didn't think they could control her, so they endorsed others. We'll see if she can get elected on May 20 or if there will be more mysterious affidavit votes to tip the result in the club's favor. Or has she simply been co-opted as have so many before her?

Not surprisingly, the DV has it wrong. Miller did not "inherit" Whiteside's seat. Whiteside was President, and when he resigned, Leonard Sarver was appointed (or if you prefer, "inherited") that position.

Hi Bill,

Perhaps "inherit" was the wrong word, but the board consists of nine members, including the president. When Whiteside resigned, Leonard Sarver (the then acting vice president) assumed his position, which left eight on the board. Miller's appointment makes nine. So, in essence, she assumed the vacancy that was left behind when Whiteside moved on.