Search Spreads To Wide Area For Missing Somers Man With Dementia

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Efforts to find missing Somers resident Gary McKeon continue following his disappearance on Friday.

Efforts to find McKeon -- who has dementia and Parkinson's disease, according to an alert -- are being shared in a Facebook group called Missing Man from Somers NY, which has involvement from members of his family. In a post on Monday, May 12, Sara McKeon Almeida gave a recap of what she has done. This includes a canvassing of an area where he grew up, specifically Cabrini Boulevard in Washington Heights; personally checking New York City hospitals; talking with commuters at the Goldens Bridge train station; handing out fliers; and the use of police and dogs to search the property and nearby vicinity.

“We appreciate everything that is being done by you all. Every little bit helps.” She then urged people to share the Facebook page. 

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