Mount Vernon Letter: Sue’s Rendezvous Van Threatens Property Values

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To The Editor: 

This is not the first time that I have written to the City without results about the Sue’s Rendezvous van. The Sue’s Rendezvous van, featuring scantily clad women to advertise the strip club, is regularly parked on East Third Street and in the surrounding neighborhood. None of our neighboring communities have strip clubs or other forms of adult entertainment advertised in front of homes, around impressionable children, and within blocks from a school.

I love my home city of Mt. Vernon, NY but I’m disappointed that there are others, like the owner of Sue’s Rendezvous—a local strip club, and the driver of the Sue’s Rendezvous van that do not feel the same way I do about Mt. Vernon and its residents by insisting on parking the van on residential streets. More significantly, it is very telling that City administration has done nothing to keep this van off the residential streets of Mt. Vernon.

Moreover, besides threatening the property values, it’s another sign that City leaders similarly to the Don Sterlings and Jim Coughlan of the world think very little of the mostly black and brown girls that live in our neighborhoods. None of these girls are born with the desire to become a stripper and it is unconscionable that the owners of Sue’s Rendezvous and the City of Mt. Vernon allow the van to park on the street in residential neighborhoods.

I hope that this letter finally spurs some action from the Office of the Mayor and the Mt. Vernon City Council.

- Raquel M. Bennett

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Comments (6)

The writer of this letter should do better than complain to the Mayor and the City Council. The Mayor will ignore it and will order the Council to ignore it too. At best, the Mayor will give some lip service to the letter writer and make promises he'll do something, but nothing will be done.
I suggest she complain to the Reverends of the churches in the area. There are some legitimate churches as well as the fake ones (store fronts on East Third Street). Then you'll see if they really care, or if they too "think very little of the mostly black and brown girls that live in our neighborhoods."

The power structure that runs MV allows it because the owner is part of it. He also loaned our (until recently) city attorney a BMW, in a scandal that made the news. MV officials are completely shameless.

inthewoods - the person you're referring to, is not the owner of Sue's. The DV has repeatedly deleted my reply to you, probably received some threats from the Mayor or the owner of Sue's.

Thanks, Bill. My bad. I have trouble keeping my strip club owners straight as I wade through the MV cesspool.

Call News12 and get the cameras rolling..Sue's Rendezvous owners line the pockets of the powers that be in City Hall..we have a similar problem in Fleetwood after 11:00pm at Maggie Spillane's, they have shown total disregard for the quiet neighborhood they infultrated and illegally rezoned to accommodate an open roof top that produces loud noises and an unwanted element. But as long as the powers that be in MV City Hall get a kick back..what they hey..right.

Why Sue's Rendezvous is allowed to do business within a mile of schools and playgrounds, and in the middle of a retail zone, is beyond me.