Serious Crash Prompts Manhunt Near Hutchinson River Pkwy

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A car was hit and damaged late Thursday night near the Hutchinson River Parkway Exit 23 ramp.
A car was hit and damaged late Thursday night near the Hutchinson River Parkway Exit 23 ramp. Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly
A car was
A car was Photo Credit: Brian Donnelly

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Exit 23 south on the Hutchinson River Parkway was closed in the overnight hours as police searched on ground and air for someone who left the scene of a serious car accident late Thursday night in White Plains.

A lieutenant with the Westchester County Police would not confirm any details, other than to say they are investigating the matter. White Plains and Harrison police were also on scene with more than a half-dozen police cars all told.

The car's front passenger side door was removed with heavy damage to that side and the front of the car was facing the exit ramp leading to Mamaroneck and was near the side rail. 

A helicopter circled above the area of the accident into early Friday morning. Police from all three departments walked up and down the exit ramp, which remains closed to traffic, apparently looking for a suspect.

More police stationed in the Saxon Woods Pool parking lot stopped an open-roof convertible driving in the lot just after midnight, but quickly let the driver go on his way. When stopped, the driver immediately flung his hands up in the air as three different police vehicles converge on him in quick fashion.

Police cars continued to circle the area along Mamaroneck Avenue as of 12:15 a.m.

Check back with Daily Voice for more information as it becomes available. 

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Comments (4)

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Dear Drunk Driver Victim,
I had deleted that post after the Mt Vernon Daily Voice reposted an updated correct version of the events last night. As you can see from this report, they never reported any other cars or people involved, hence my comment. Hope you are ok and not seriously injured, and btw your name calling was completely unwarranted.


Ksnow, yes it was a very serious accident. If it was your friend who drove drunk he could have killed many people last night. He hit not only me but 3 other cars. If you don't think driving down an exit ramp serious,you are a idiot and should get help or get help for your drunk driver buddy because he is gonna need it!