Renovation Planned For Historic Mount Vernon Stadium

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Plans are in the works to renovate Memorial Field in Mount Vernon. Photo Credit: Greg Maker
A sign at Memorial Field in Mount Vernon advertises the new tennis courts that are planned to be installed. Photo Credit: Greg Maker

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. – Mayor Ernie Davis said renovation plans are in the works for Mount Vernon's Memorial Field.

Davis said the historic field, off Sandford Boulevard, is in the process of getting a makeover that would include installing a track with six lanes, reduced from eight originally, and adding a skate park and tennis courts.

Davis said he wants to get the youth involved in the skate park’s design, adding it would be beneficial for both them and the city to get their input. Davis said youth currently use the parking lot for Target across the street to skateboard.

“It would be wonderful if they could have a safe place to go,” Davis said.

It will take a lot of work to restore the historic site to its former glory. Currently, the field is dug up and ducks graze across it freely. The football goal posts still are up, but one of them is missing an upright. The stadium structure still stands but graffiti covers the entire front of the press box.

There was a proposal under former Mayor Clinton Young to knock down the stadium and rebuild it but when Davis was elected last year, the proposal changed from rebuilding to renovation.

“We need to change the direction the project was going in,” Davis said. “We are looking over the contract with the engineers. We expect to work through the winter which will hopefully be mild and be ready for the spring.”

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As renovations are being made, please keep the "HOME OF THE FIGHTING KNIGHTS" please!!! Memorial Field has a special place in so many FORMER and PRESENT residents. If you don't want to keep it, send it to me!!!

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