Mount Vernon's Fulton Avenue Drawbridge Closed For Electrical Repairs

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Photo Credit: Flickr user Glyn Lowe Photoworks

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. -- The Fulton Avenue Drawbridge between Mount Vernon and Pelham Manor will be closed until Monday, April 21, while crews work to repair electrical malfunctions.

The bridge had been previously closed from January to March to correct structural steel deficiencies detected by inspectors.

The posted detour route uses Pelham Parkway to Boston Post Road to Provost Avenue to South Third Avenue to South Columbus Avenue to South Fulton Avenue.

For additional information, contact Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation at 914-995-2555.

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Comments (4)

I don't believe there is a relationship to income and a commercial corridor.
This avenue is a gateway to parkways, highways and shopping centers. I believe people of all incomes and professions are inconvenienced by this problem. I believe the funds had been allocated for this project and THE Republican had to be prodded to use them.

cryptoguardian - let's not forget that Spano continually ignored the Federal government's mandate about creating affordable housing in Westchester, and kept kicking it down the road, and now THE Republican has to deal with it.

"You can beat a dead horse to death
of course
but no one can ride a dead horse
of course
not even if, that is the horse
is totally in discourse"

This bridge has been shut down several times over the past few years, usually for a couple of months at a time. Thanks to the previous County Executive Andy Spano neglecting this part of the county, the people in a low-income area are continually inconvenienced and forced to take alternate more costly routing to their employment.