Mount Vernon Millenials Support Legal Medical Marijuana

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Yonkers residents Joe (left) and Jenny (far right) Rondon support legalizing medical marijuana.
Yonkers residents Joe (left) and Jenny (far right) Rondon support legalizing medical marijuana.
Mount Vernon resident Shannon Walker.
Mount Vernon resident Shannon Walker.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. - It’s the subject many in Westchester County are talking about: should marijuana be legalized, and to what extent, in New York State?


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Currently, 20 states – including Connecticut and New Jersey – have legalized the drug to some capacity, though most only prescribe medicinal marijuana to patients suffering from debilitating diseases such as cancer and glaucoma. Two states, Washington and Colorado, have legalized pot for recreational use.

On Monday, New Jersey Sen. Nicholas Scutari introduced legislation that proposed legalizing marijuana to boost revenues by collecting the taxes the state could impose on the drug. His bill plans to be modeled after those that successfully preceded it out west, where Colorado collected more than $2 million in the first month of sales.

In his statement, Scutari dubbed the “war on marijuana” a failure, calling state and federal drug laws “archaic.” Mount Vernon resident Shannon Walker, 24, said that she believes Millennials would agree with the senator’s assertion, claiming that the drug is now seen as “harmless” by her generation.

“I feel like more people smoke weed recreationally now than they have in the past few decades. The stigma that it’s this bad drug isn’t really there anymore, it’s pretty universally accepted by most people,” she said. “

The notion of medical marijuana becoming legalized in New York State has become a hotbed political issue for local lawmakers in Westchester. In January, Gov. Andrew Cuomo used executive power to give the green light to a medical marijuana bill, which gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino has blasted. Earlier this month, Scarsdale Assemblywoman Amy Paulin held a press conference to express her support for the Compassionate Care Act.

“I don’t know if you can fully legalize marijuana, because it’s impossible to monitor. You can’t just give a breathalyzer to a driver to check for THC if they’re pulled over,” Yonkers resident Joe Rondon, 25, said in White Plains. “That said, there’s no reason not to make use of the good with medical marijuana.

His sister, Jenny, 22, argued that marijuana is no more a risk to someone than drinking alcohol, which has been legal since Prohibition was lifted.

“Smoking is no worse than drinking, and in many cases it’s probably preferable,” she said. (If you legalize) you’ll have a few who take it too far, just like alcohol. I don’t see any reason it can’t be legalized responsibly.”

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I mean no disrespect, tjkoovalloor, but you clearly have been brainwashed in regards to cannabis plants. Your total lack of logic is what destroys brains! New research shows that cannabis plants' chemical compounds, called cannabinoids, are hard-wired into our bodies. Scientists are studying the "endocannabinoid system" of electrial receptors in human brains that regulate vital processes such as sleep and organ function. Indeed, one could reasonably argue that consuming cannabis--say, in food products derived from non-psychoactive hemp plants and seeds--is essential to our good health. You are flat-out oblivious to say legalization "will destroy our nation." It's been well documented that founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew their own cannabis crops, and cannabis was already used as medicine for more than 90 years (1850-1940s). Prohibition is destroying the land of 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' Millions are being denied safe and legal access to cannabis medicine; millions more have been arrested and imprisoned; billions of tax dollars wasted; a huge cannabis industry, annually worth tens of billions, suppressed. And for what? Cannabis plants are still growing everywhere. Only a fascist police state would get close to eradicating them.

Those who want to legalize marijuana are not aware of the effects it causes in our brain. I have seen many of my friends ended their life at a very early age due to the use of marijuana. It will destroy our brain. The whole world knows that. Use of marijuana is widely practiced in underdeveloped countries. It is also noted that many of our politicians and their families are using marijuana on a daily basis. That is why they are eager to legalize marijuana. Legalizing marijuana will destroy our nation and America will go back to the primitive age. If tobacco smoking can be banned using marijuana also should be banned. Marijuana is more dangerous to to humans than tobacco.

Educate yourself please sir. I suggest you start with Dr. Sanjay Gupta's report on Marijuana. You have seen many of your friends ending their life at a very early age due to Marijuana? That's unusual because there are plenty of people that use marijuana well into elderly age and throughout their entire lives they are healthy productive members of society, so I propose that your friends had other issues than their marijuana use.