Metro-North Issues 'A Word About Service' To New Haven Line Train Riders

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All Metro-North trains were stopped as a result of computer problems on Jan. 23, and screens at Grand Central Terminal said, 'Please wait for announcement.' Photo Credit: File photo

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Metro-North is offering "a word about your service" to frustrated train riders on its New Haven Line In a post on its website.

The post put up Tuesday opens with an admission that problems have plagued the commuter railroad starting with the derailment last May on the Fairfield-Bridgeport (Conn.) border and continuing more recently with late and stranded trains due to bad weather, computer problems and power failures.

The letter opens with:

"Many of you have recently asked about the consistency of the service we have been providing, and with good reason.

"Trains that once arrived like clockwork now arrive late. This poor reliability has taken its toll on your commute and we want to answer your questions and explain what is going on."

Metro-North said it is engaged in an extensive system-wide review of safety and operating practices and have addressed a number of problem areas.

"We have used state-of-the-art technology to perform a complete and comprehensive assessment of our track on all three lines. With this information, we have developed prioritized maintenance programs, keeping our right-of-way safe and in a state of good repair," he said.

After the Dec. 1 derailment, Metro-North put speed restrictions in place and made changes to its operating practices at the five movable bridges on the New Haven Line.

Metro-North also blamed the sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice for causing signal and switch problems on all three lines, especially on the New Haven Line's 100-year-old catenary wires and five moveable bridges.

The railroad promised to make new schedules for spring based on an analysis of operating conditions and taking into account the status of its ongoing projects.

You can read the full statement at the Metro-North website.

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