Flash Flood Watch Remains In Effect For Mount Vernon

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A flash flood warning remains in effect through late Friday night, May 16,  in Westchester County.
A flash flood warning remains in effect through late Friday night, May 16, in Westchester County. Photo Credit: Frank MacEachern, File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- A flash flood watch remains in effect for Westchester County from noon through late Friday night, according to the National Weather Service. 

A slow-moving cold front will bring heavy rains to Westchester on Friday afternoon. Between 1 and 2 inches of rain are expected, with localized amounts of up to 3 inches.

The heaviest rains are expected to coincide with high tide on Long Island Sound, which could exacerbate coastal flooding.

Residents are reminded to pay attention of the forecast and be prepared to take action should flooding occur.

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Comments (4)

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flies.withbeaks - Pound Ridge is a little town with few to no news outlets. We're lucky the "space" is even there. The Daily Voice is a free service that "sometimes" delivers valuable news. Other times, not so much. But without it, we wouldn't be on this chat board. We'd be further isolated from each other, and the town . The Voice is valuable for us and I imagine the reporters are stretched given the state of new/old media. So, I take offense to your idiotic rant. (BTW - i signed up just so I could say this to you).

somebody needs a hug. It's not that bad. really it's not. I think the reporter is merely trying to inform the public of potential flooding on a hyper local level. you don't like it, don't read.

Rain. My oh my. Thank God we have the fine journalists at The Daily Voice to keep us ever abreast of such breaking headline news. The cutting and pasting at the Daily Voice, especially when involving weather (and of course who wouldn't run to the T.D.V. for all things weather) is top notch. I'd like to thank Frank Maceachern for risking his life, getting out there amid this pending storm to file the photo above. Rain, my oh my, when will these changes in weather ever stop. Soon there will be heat and the leaves will fall from the trees, then more wind and rain, and then if that weren't enough freezing temps and SNOW. Boy, the reporters at the Daily Voice have their work cut out for them, seems the cutting and pasting of weather headlines just never ends. Such a fine use of time and site space, I couldn't imagine more important work.