Alternate Street Side Parking Suspended In Mount Vernon

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Alternate side of the street parking is suspended in Mount Vernon due to the blizzard. Photo Credit: Greg Maker

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. -- Mount Vernon has suspended alternate side of the street parking on Friday due to the blizzard.

The city is asking residents not to park too far from the curb especially on narrow streets, so emergency vehicles and street cleaning crews can get through.

Also, the city is reminding residents not to shovel snow into the street since it is a violation of City Code to do so. The Police Department will be strictly enforcing this rule. When shoveling out a vehicle, residents should pile snow on the sidewalk, in front of or behind your vehicle and never in the road.

Check back with The Mount Vernon Daily Voice for updates.

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Activist Bill:

Interesting to note the Police Dept. will be enforcing the City Code relating to shoveling snow into the street, but they don't enforce other City Codes, such as tossing trash into the street, dogs running loose and creating a nuisance (pooping) on public walkways, etc.